Responsive Healthcare GET IN TOUCH
  • We will support you to develop and maintain friendships and connections within

  • your community.
  • We assist you to develop individual person-centred support plans that outline

  • your goals,aspirations, and desires to promote independent living.
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Mission Statement

Responsive Healthcare Ltd provides supported living and Homecare services for young adults and adults who are vulnerable and with diagnosis in LEARNING DISABILITIES, MENTAL ILLNESS, PHYSICAL DISABILITIES and DEMENTIA.

Our Management Team comprises of professionals who have worked in Social Care and NHS as Clinicians. After accumulating vast experience and knowledge at higher institutes of learning, decided to give back to the community by helping vulnerable adults through supported living and Homecare services. It is a journey full of compassion, love, respect, and dignity. We will continue to walk with our service users until we achieve  the outcomes for them to live independently through supporting and involving them to make own decisions and engaging them in daily tasks and activities of their choice as equal members of the community.


Core Values

  • To provide a high standard of care and strive for continuous improvement of our services.
  • To embrace equality, value, and difference.
  • Work with others and take personal responsibility for quality and safety of our service.
  • Be open, honest, fair, and polite.
  • Take pride and build a better future.

Other Things We Can Help You With

We will work with you to develop increased independence through skill and confidence development in areas such as:

  • Shopping and household tasks, including cooking and domestic duties.
  • Financial and money management.
  • Social skills.
  • College attendance
  • Employment and Voluntary Activities you enjoy doing.
  • Using public transport.